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    Tips and guides for freelancers


    This guide is designed to help you, whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or are completely new to freelancing and want to use your English-Chinese bilingual skills to take on a project.

    We aim to give you some idea of what it feels like to work as a freelancer and carry out projects remotely for a non-Chinese company. We also want to advise you on how to avoid the most common problems through good preparation and effective Client communication. From expert tips on writing a winning proposal and cover letter, to generating repeat assignments, you can refer to these tips whenever you need. We hope you can now join the hundreds of like-minded business Chinese speakers around the world who have chosen to use Crayfish® – and who have already seen the benefits of increased earnings. We are here to make your journey a success and financially rewarding.

    Your QUICK check List – before you submit a proposal for a project
    Have I understood the job requirements?
    Can I dedicate the time to do the job?
    Can I do the job within the budget (if given)?
    Is my bidding price competitive? (if you are putting a price forward)
    Have I done something similar before?
    Do I know enough about the sector or industry?
    Have I prepared a list of questions to ask the Client?
    Is my profile up to date?
    Have I checked the Client’s location and noted any time differences?

    How does Crayfish charge?

    Crayfish provides an online venue where individuals or businesses who require work to be carried out which involves a knowledge of China or Chinese language (Clients) and individuals or businesses with such skills (freelancers) can connect with each other and get work posted, done and paid for in easy steps via the Crayfish platform. In consideration for providing the service, Crayfish retains 25% of the amount in respect of the work done, with a minimum fee of £5.00. This covers our commission and VAT, as well as the PayPal processing fee.

    For more details, please read our Terms of Service.

    How do you handle disputes?

    On the rare occasion a disagreement happens, Crayfish encourages its freelancers and Clients to try and resolve the issues between themselves. Should that not be possible, we will attempt to mediate. We will review all disputes carefully, using reports and documentation from both sides (including but not limited to chats, images, contracts and files sent through Workspace). Based on the evidence, a decision will be made by Crayfish, with the money paid to the winning side.

    I have delivered the job but the Client has not paid me. What should I do now?

    You should first communicate with your Client directly via WorkSpace to find out the reasons behind the late payment. If the Client is not satisfied with your work, you should offer to revise it at least twice. After that and if the Client is still not happy, he/she can reject your work and raise a dispute with us. We will then contact you and you will have the chance to submit a report with documentary evidence obtained from your WorkSpace.

    How soon can I become a successful freelancer on Crayfish?

    When you deliver great work to your Clients, success will follow and your ratings will reflect that. The most successful freelancers are:

    • Proficient in bilingual skills.
    • Knowledgeable about Chinese business and the culture.
    • Responsive to Client needs.
    • Excellent at communicating with their Clients.
    • Upfront about their abilities and deadlines.
    • Able to deliver excellent work on time, every time.
    Deliver a good job on time

    No matter how good you say you are, the Client will only judge your work by what you deliver. Therefore take time to complete your work thoroughly, and use the allowed revision timeframe to improve it until your Client is absolutely happy. If you are not satisfied with the work yourself, do NOT submit it to the Client, expecting he or she will approve! Make sure you deliver what the Client has asked for.

    It is vital that you adhere to the deadline, but if you can no longer complete the work on time for any reason, you must reach mutual agreement with the Client on a new deadline. Otherwise the Client can cancel the job, even if you have already done some of it.

    It goes without saying that you need to get paid after the job is done, subject to the satisfaction of the Client. So when the Client has approved your work in the WorkSpace, you will receive payment for your work through us.

    Search here now to browse for jobs on Crayfish®.

    Is there a time limit for the work to be finished?

    On all projects or tasks, you and the Client agree on the time needed for completion. We require all jobs to be done within 60 days following Client authorisation. After that, a job either has to be completed or cancelled. Should more time be required, the Client will need to contact our Customer Service team to reflect that on our system.

    Typical questions to ask the Client

    Here are some sample questions you can ask:

    1. Why do you need to have this project done?
    2. Can you provide some background information?
    3. What format do you want me to use? (e.g. PowerPoint, Word, PDF, images etc.)
    4. How many revisions are you prepared to accept? (if applicable to the type of job)
    5. What is the deadline? (make sure you have allowed for any time differences)
    6. Any flexibility with deadline? NB: if there are any date changes this has to be followed up in writing via Crayfish’s messaging system and updated in your WorkSpace.
    7. How can I add value? You can even try and think of some useful suggestions to the scope of work. By doing this you will show the Client you have valuable knowledge and insight.
    Win the Client by being responsive

    Once you have sent the proposal and cover letter to the Client, you may hear back within hours, if not minutes, so you must be prepared.

    If your Client wants to speak to you, you should always try to accommodate them, even if this means you have to stay up late or get up early to fit in with the time differences! By communicating directly, you get a chance to know the Client’s expectations and can clarify the deliverables of the project and ask questions if you have any, before accepting the job.

    Be prepared – you should always do some homework by equipping yourself with information about the specific sector and the Client.

    Bid with a competitive fee

    If no budget information has been specified by the Client, you can propose a fee based on your experiences, or an amount that you think would be reasonable and acceptable for you. It’s likely you will not be the only one to be interested in this job, so price yourself competitively. Also whatever price you bid, 25% will be retained by Crayfish as our fee.

    Example: If you bid £125 for a Project you will receive £93.75. The balance of £31.25 is our fee. This is calculated as £125 – (25% x £125) = £93.75

    How can I get a Client to hire me?

    It all starts by creating a great profile and outlining all your skills, from your proficiency in languages to any relevant Chinese experience and technical knowledge. Uploading relevant certificates, qualifications, your portfolio and testimonials will help to raise your profile.

    Then prepare a compelling job proposal when you see a match for your bilingual Chinese skills. Getting work online is a lot like traditional searching — you submit a detailed proposal for the job you want to do, and then impress potential Clients before being offered the project.


    Create an impressive profile

    Your profile page is where you can showcase your skills, experience and even personality. Think of it as an introduction, CV, and marketing brochure rolled into one, highlighting your bilingual skills, experience, and portfolio; education and accomplishments; and any language certification. Uploading relevant certificates, qualifications, your portfolio and testimonials will help to raise your profile. The best profiles are complete, well-written, error-free, and feature a professional, friendly-looking picture. And remember to update your profile regularly. Every time you finish a project or a piece of work that adds to your experience, update your profile to reflect that.


    Stand out with a well-prepared proposal and tailored cover letter

    When you have spotted a project that you can do, prepare your bid and if necessary add a cover letter. It’s essential to offer a clear and detailed description about your experience that is RELEVANT. This will greatly increase your likelihood of getting the job, so make sure it is professional, well-written, error-free and tailor-made for that specific project. If there are links to similar work that can help provide a better understanding of your previous experience, then you should make use of them. You can also showcase previous Client references if you have them. Finally, make sure you confirm that you are able to meet the deadline.

    What work can I find on Crayfish?

    All kinds of interesting projects! Our Clients seek a wide variety of jobs and tasks requiring English-Chinese bilingual skills, business experience in China, cultural insight, technology translation, knowledge of Chinese social media, market research, and many more activities across multiple categories. You can get to work on anything related to China.

    Search here to find current projects that match your skills and experience.

    Why should you choose to work as a freelancer on Crayfish®?
    • We are dedicated to English-Chinese bilingual projects and tasks.
    • We offer a diverse pool of interesting and sometimes challenging projects around the world, giving you endless opportunities to maximise your bilingual skills and your experience and knowledge of China.
    • You will gain great experience by working with different Clients on different types of projects.
    • Your experience with Crayfish can become a platform for your future career.
    What to do about Tax

    Freelancers are responsible for their own legally required tax filings as required by any governmental body, and pay all applicable taxes.