Set Up a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

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Set Up a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)


WOFE (Wholly foreign-owned enterprises) is a very popular way to set up your company in China. There are three basic types of WOFE:

  1. Consulting WOFE

  2. Manufacturing WOFE

  3. Trading WOFE


What’s included in the package?

Set up WOFE in Shanghai, China, including:

  • Information gathering and preliminary examination;

  • Preparation of application documents/forms;

  • Translations (English/Chinese) and translation verification;

  • Coordination with the landlord of the registered office address for the completion of the landlord documentation;

  • Company name search and reservation;

  • Application for government approval/record filing with the competent authorities;

  • Application for “5-in-1” Business License (combined the Business License, Enterprise Code Certificate, Tax Registration Certificate, Statistics Registration Certificate and Social Security Registration Certificate);

  • Application for company chops carving permit with the local Public Security Bureau and making company chops with the government designated agency;

  • Assistance in opening the RMB basic bank account;

  • Application for foreign exchange registration;

  • Assistance in opening foreign exchange capital bank account;

  • Application for Customs Registration Certificate and other import and export licenses (for trading and manufacturing company only)

  • *Might incur extra charge subject to the detail of the registration process, e.g. Location of the RO.

What’s required from the company?

A detailed checklist will be provided upon purchase of the package.



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