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    Find the right business partner in China to boost your success

    A major challenge facing Western companies when developing the Chinese market is finding the right partners given the significant differences in culture and business practices.

    You will be in good hands

    Crayfish enables you to access professionals who have in-depth experience in Chinese and Western business practices and can help you to search the perfect business partner, be they a manufacturer, a distributor or an outsourced service provider.

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    • Post your project and hire a Crayfish approved freelancer to help you.
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    Crayfish Enterprise Service

    • Crayfish team handles your project from enquiry to delivery of your project
    • Project cost tailored according to your project scope and unique needs.

    “All the contacts Crayfish introduced us to have now become our important programme delivery partners.  We are very thankful to Crayfish’s professional help. ”

    Founder & CEO, QED Education Group

    Helpful Tips

    What to look out when entering into a new partnership for the Chinese market?

    You should always start with some due diligence when working with a new partner. Depending on how strong you expect the relationship with your Chinese business partner needs to be, how this will impact your business, you might want to have a quick inhouse desktop research or a more in-depth due diligence carried out by professionals. In any cases, this is especially important for doing business in China, and many business people have burnt their fingers by jumping into a relationship with a Chinese company without having enough information about the company’s background and track record.

    How do I do due diligence on a potential Chinese partner?

    If a Chinese company is listed in China, you can easily find public information on them. For a private company, some credit information companies may hold a basic profile, particularly if the company exports. You can always have some form of tailored due diligence done, by doing an online search in Chinese in combination with calling its customers, suppliers, staff and even its competitors. Your Chinese partner may well expect this, but it is best to do it discreetly, so that no one loses “face” – a very important aspect of doing business in China. online marketplace

    Post your project and hire a Crayfish approved freelancer directly

    Crayfish enterprise service

    We handle your project from enquiry to delivery