Jiao Li

Jiao Li is Co-Founder of Crayfish.io, the leading multi-platform service provider offering expertise, connections and capital to enable businesses to achieve better engagement with China.

Jiao joined Crayfish.io as the co-founder in 2018 and has led the marketing, sales, platform and product development for the company. She also assists clients with their China-related research, strategy development and marketing initiatives.

Having studied for a Finance degree at Nankai University, Jiao completed her MA (Operational Research) at London School of Economics before joining Unilever, where she spent six years working as E-Commerce and Digital Manager, leading cross-functional teams in the UK and China. She is a highly experienced ecommerce and digital marketing specialist, passionate about helping brands reach out and interact with Chinese audiences in a smarter and more engaging way.

Jiao is a captivating and informed speaker in both Chinese and English, and has featured on BBC World Service and has presented at events run by CBBC, Cambridge Network, and UKIE.

Expertise: Chinese business communication, business/marketing strategy, customer insights, ecommerce, digital marketing, branding, financial reporting, product development, culture understanding.