Qin Li

Qin is the founder of the QED Education Group, promoting mutually beneficial business relationships and economic growth in the UK and China.

The first and only British Diplomat born in China, Qin worked as a UK government trade and investment professional and diplomat for 16 years in China and London. Her most recent role was leading the UK Education supply chain interest for China and Hong Kong at the Department for International Trade. Building on her long experience in government, she continues to develop close cultural relationships and facilitate successful UK-China trade agreements and is passionate about finding new ways to facilitate business opportunities to China.

Qin began her civil service career in 2000 in the Home Office’s Commercial and Procurement Unit. She joined the Department for International Trade HQ (formerly UKTI) in 2003 as China Market Unit Manager, responsible for developing UK-China trade through UK government initiatives, in collaboration with other government departments, industry associations and businesses. From 2004 to 2008 Qin led on all business programmes for UK Prime Ministers’ China visits. From 2008 to 2015, when she was posted in China as a diplomat, she developed and implemented UKTI China technology strategies.

With her extensive knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture, business environment and etiquette, Qin has advised hundreds of British businesses on their China strategies and market opportunities, providing invaluable expertise and insight on governmental policies affecting education trade with China, and guidance on operating in a highly unique context.