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    When you just need that little extra help


    When you just need a little extra help

    Scenario 1: Ahead of your trip to China, you need to make some calls to China to co-ordinate the meetings, but not all of the people speak good English.

    Scenario 2: You have some important business cards from a recent trip to China with no English and all your receipts are in Chinese. Your business needs to understand what these are to follow up and process them.

    Scenario 3: You have set up an office in China recently. You need to figure out how to find extra local staff and you don’t know where to begin.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who is organised and can speak Chinese to come in for maybe half a day to make life that much easier for you? There are many times when running a business where you need just a little extra help. If you are in that situation now, then post a project here and our bilingual freelancers will be able to assist you.

    Where and how do I go to recruit my first staff member in China?

    It is advisable to have local staff as soon as you start to do business in China. Although the position is based in China, you can still try recruiting in the UK among university students returning to China. They understand more about British culture and are more likely to enjoy working for a UK firm.  But the skilled bilingual labour market is competitive, so you need to present a strong case to attract the talent you want, especially if you are an SME.

    What do I need to do about preparing for a business trip to China?

    Translate your business cards into Chinese, and take a lot with you if you are attending a trade show there. Get some marketing and product materials translated into Chinese too if you can. By all means try to set up meetings well in advance – but you must be prepared to accept last minute changes to your schedule. It’s normal in China to make last minute meetings. Make sure you have someone you can brief and who will interpret for you. Finally, always invite your host to visit you in the UK so you can return the hospitality.

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