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    Get £30 off all projects above £200. Simply contact us upon completion of the project, and we will refund you. 10th May to 10th June.

    FAQ’s about the website

    How does Crayfish charge?

    Crayfish provides an online venue where individuals or businesses who require work to be carried out which involves a knowledge of China or Chinese language (Clients) and individuals or businesses with such skills (freelancers) can connect with each other and get work posted, done and paid for in easy steps via the Crayfish platform. In consideration for providing the service, Crayfish retains 25% of the amount in respect of the work done, with a minimum fee of £5.00. This covers our commission and VAT, as well as the PayPal processing fee.

    Crayfish also offers optional added services for the Client when posting a project which are subject to additional fees. These include the options to highlight a project as Featured, or for entering a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with a freelancer.

    I have just registered as a freelancer. Why can’t I bid for jobs?

    If you have just registered with us, you will need to fill in your profile details, upload relevant documents and then submit your profile for approval. We will either approve the profile or contact you to ask for further information within two working days. Upon approval, you will be immediately able to bid or submit your proposal for projects on Crayfish.

    Can I get an official and VAT invoice for my business?

    Yes, you can contact us and make a request for official invoices. All payments via Crayfish will result in email notifications, but these will not show VAT and any breakdown of amounts.

    What payment method can I use?

    At this stage, PayPal is the only accepted payment method. When you set up your account, remember to enter your PayPal email address.

    Why didn’t I receive notification emails?

    You should receive notification emails fairly quickly. If not, then check your spam box or request the notification email to be sent again. If none of the above works, contact us to get help.

    Can I update my profile details?

    Yes, you can update your profile details by going to your profile page and entering the changes. Once it is done, click ‘Submit for approval’. We will either approve the changes or contact you to ask for further information within two working days.

    Can I change my registration email – and how?

    Yes, you can change your registration email. Simply go to your profile page, enter the new email address and then click ‘Submit for approval’. A confirmation email will be sent to the new email address with a link to confirm the change.

    What if I forget my password?

    If you forget your password, click Lost your password? and enter your email address or username to get a new password, which will be sent to your registration email address.

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