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    Get £30 off all projects above £200. Simply contact us upon completion of the project, and we will refund you. 10th May to 10th June.

    How it works for Freelancers


    Crayfish is a great place to put your bilingual language skills and Chinese business experience into practice. It is the place where you can find interesting China-related work, either as part of your own freelance business or just to earn extra income.

    Find rewarding projects


    If you’re a qualified professional, it’s simple to get started.

    • Create an impressive profile. After registration you can browse all the projects on the site, but you will only be able to bid after your profile is completed and approved.
    • Provide genuine information and upload relevant documents to help us process your application quickly. We will either contact you for further information or approve your profile within two working days.
    • Supply a PayPal account so you can receive payment easily for your work.
    • Sign up to receive emails about projects that match your categories, so you get automatic email alerts.
    • Start bidding for jobs!

    Get hired quickly


    Crayfish makes it easy to connect with Clients and you can begin doing great work using your Chinese skills straight away.

    • We match you with jobs. Our easy-to-use search function is quick to match your skills with the right projects and tasks.
    • Great work opportunities with no boundaries. You can work on a remote project for a client thousands of miles away.
    • Ask relevant questions before or during bidding. Please bear in mind that any comments left on the job page are visible to everyone, including other bidders.
    • Prepare a tailored proposal to submit with your bid. Let the Client know about your experience that is RELEVANT to the job.
    • Make your price competitive. Remember you are not the only person bidding for the project. Also your bid will need to include Crayfish’s 25% fee.

    Work efficiently, effectively.


    Open the project’s WorkSpace, the Crayfish platform that allows you to communicate directly with your Clients in a secure environment.

    Maintaining a good and timely communication with the Client is key to your project success and high rating. We strongly encourage you to use WorkSpace for all communication with Clients.

    • Be responsive. Watch out for notification emails, files or messages from the Client via WorkSpace. Reply as soon as possible to any queries.
    • Only submit completed work. Take time to do your job thoroughly, and use the allowed revision timeframe to improve it until the Client is absolutely happy.
    • Ask for permission if completion is delayed. It is vital that you adhere to the deadline, but if you can no longer complete the work on time you must reach mutual agreement with the Client on a new deadline. Otherwise the Client can cancel the job even if you have already done some of it.

    Get paid on time


    All projects posted on Crayfish require the Client to agree and pay the value of a project, prior to authorising you to start the work. You can be assured the money is there to pay you on time.

    • Funds are held securely by Crayfish in our PayPal holding account when the client authorises you to do the work. The Client is required to release the payment to you within five working days after the work has been approved.
    • You get paid for quality work. All you need is to do a great project on time!
    • Simple and streamlined payment process, wherever you are. All payments are powered by PayPal globally and carried out seamlessly in the project transaction.