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    Technical support in Chinese when & where you want it


    If your business already engages with China or you are about to enter the market, whether it’s with a supplier, manufacturer, distributor or even an online presence, making sure you have IT and technical support onshore in China or offshore is crucial. Even with your own fully dedicated IT support service, you may need immediate technical assistance with your website or database in China, or you may require some software to be created.

    IT, technical support and software engineers familiar with both Chinese platforms and Western platforms are available through Crayfish. If you need any IT and tech support now, post your project now.

    What is the ICP registration and how can I obtain the license?

    An ICP (Internet Content Provider) license is a state-issued registration number that allows you to host your website on a mainland Chinese server, a rule enforced at the hosting level. Getting an ICP license is an additional step that is taken after you buy your Chinese hosting and domain, but before your site goes live. ICP license numbers are usually displayed in the small print in website footers.

    You can apply for ICP registration through local hosting companies which provide assistance on ICP licensing procedures, but there are rules as to who qualifies to apply. You can find a lot of information online about ICP licensing. To actually apply for one, you do need to have access to a Chinese speaker, unless you already have a business outpost in China.

    How much should we localize our software product for the Chinese market?

    This depends on the customer base you are targeting in China. If it is for a consumer area like gaming, you need to make sure the product’s UI is 100% Chinese, as 99% of the Chinese population does not speak English!   However, if you are selling to business customers, you may be able to provide a combination of English and Chinese. Most Chinese engineers read English. The best initial route is to consult your customer or distributor in China.

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