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    Market Research

    Winning in China by Knowing your Customer


    The sheer size of the Chinese marketplace, its economic system and unique business culture can be a bit overwhelming. Understanding the market landscape for your products and services is vital to preparing your market entry. You will need good and reliable market research from across your chosen sector, knowledge and insight into what your competitors are doing, and understanding of any economic changes that may affect your goods and services. Similarly, if you are paying a new Chinese supplier for the first time, it will make sense to do some background checks to make sure they are genuine.

    You can find Crayfish approved freelancers who have just the right expertise and experience. They can conduct studies to provide you with the answers to your questions, whether they are about the routes to market, which regions to start with, or which supplier is a genuine manufacturer and more. So get started in China and post your project here.

    How do I do due diligence on a potential Chinese partner?

    If a Chinese company is listed in China, you can easily find public information on them. For a private company, some credit information companies may hold a basic profile, particularly if the company exports. You can always have some form of tailored due diligence done, by doing an online search in Chinese in combination with calling its customers, suppliers, staff and even its competitors. Your Chinese partner may well expect this, but it is best to do it discreetly, so that no one loses “face” – a very important aspect of doing business in China.

    How can I get some market research done quickly on the Chinese market? What is the most effective way to do it?

    You can always start with desk research in English (unless you can read Chinese), and you may find a lot of information available online. However, to get to the important issue– such as whether your product will be acceptable to Chinese customers – it is not that straightforward. Here, some primary research would be advisable, where you should arrange for real interviews so people can give you their own opinions. You can do this through calling your own contacts in China, or hiring someone locally on the ground to talk to your potential customer(s). The latter is probably better due to the time difference.

    Market Research Skills

    • Supplier Search
    • Partner Search
    • Primary Research
    • Desk Research
    • Telephone interviews
    • Due Diligence