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    Reaching your Chinese Customer with the right message


    Reaching your Chinese customers with the right message

    Promoting and selling your products or services in China can be daunting and unfamiliar. With such a huge number of potential customers, how do you go about reaching the right people and know which channels will work best? Not only do you need a carefully crafted marketing strategy for the Chinese market, your message may need a cultural balance to get to the right audience.

    There are many channels that Chinese customers and consumers are familiar with, from traditional printed materials to digital marketing platforms – all designed to reach your audience. The costs from marketing agencies may well be beyond your budget and unless they understand China, could get your message wrong.

    To get your message across to the right audience in China and in Chinese, Crayfish has bilingual Chinese marketers familiar with all the relevant marketing channels. So why not get their help and post your marketing project now?


    Do I need to have a Chinese website to sell to China?

    Yes. If you are selling directly online to the Chinese, you can have your whole Chinese site mirroring your main one. You need to make sure you can collect money in Chinese currency, so have a transfer mechanism in place and arrange local logistics. Otherwise, a few pages on your main website will help to get your key messages across to anyone browsing from China.

    How should I carry out my brand communication in China?

    You can start with a Chinese brand. This is not a simple phonetic translation of your brand, but an exercise that should aim to clearly communicate your brand’s meaning in the context of the Chinese market. In China, due to a range of cultural differences, any brand communication should take into consideration the preference of a Chinese consumers’ taste, including being politically sensitive, among other things. Do your research and get to know your consumer in their environment.

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