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    Spreading Words to Millions of Customers


    If there is one area where China is now surpassing the Western world, it is in the use of social media in e-commerce, especially WeChat. Do you know Wechat is one of the most effective export tools to China? Tap into China’s 700 million WeChat users today. Understand what they like and dislike about your products and services and find out what is trending, before setting up your own account to promote your brand. There is also Sina Weibo for those who are looking for long term mass stakeholder communication, as well as other popular social media sites that will suit your needs.

    Sounds great! But don’t know where to get affordable help? You are in the right place! Crayfish has a pool of talented bilingual marketers who can handle your jobs and get you going with social media in China at a fraction of the cost charged by marketing agencies. So go ahead and post your social media project now.

    There are so many social media channels in China – which one should I use?

    Wechat is probably the single most important channel you should understand first – it boasted an active daily user base of 570 million by the end of 2016. Known as “Weixin” (meaning micro message) in China, it functions like a combination of WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. However, companies can have various types of Wechat accounts, so you need to know about what’s available. Each account comes with different functions and restrictions which you should compare before setting up one that suits your business needs.

    Do our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts work in China?

    No. They are banned in China, along with all Google services including YouTube. Local platforms are by far the best to use and they dominate, with Weibo, Wechat, QQ and Aiqiyi replacing the ones you are more familiar with. Even Dropbox does not work in China. However, LinkedIn does work! If you are looking to reach out to Chinese consumers via social media, then you will need to engage with these Chinese channels and it is best to get the right help.

    Social Media Skills

    • Sina Weibo
    • WeChat
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Online Forums