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    Translation & Interpretation

    Avoid being ‘lost in translation’


    If the language you are communicating in is not correct, then what is said may not be what is meant. If what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone. And if this remains undone, not only will you be frustrated, but your communication with your Chinese counterpart will end up in confusion too.

    Hence there must be no doubt in what is said or what is written. Correct and accurate translation from English to Chinese or Chinese to English is crucial to you and your business. Whether it involves importing or exporting transactions, technical manuals, marketing materials, or agreements or conversations during a visit, if there is a breakdown or misunderstanding in communication, the commercial opportunity may be lost.

    Here at Crayfish you can hire approved bilingual translators experienced in all forms of translation –from business contracts to technical fact sheets and financial/legal documents. Get your communication with the Chinese right – and post your project now.

    Should I hire an interpreter from the UK or hire one in China for my visit to China?

    This depends on your budget, but it is advisable to hire an interpreter in the city where you are visiting. If you visit more than one city then you can even consider hiring a different one for each location, to save your travel costs. However, the advantage of using the same interpreter for the whole visit is consistency – saving you time in briefing each interpreter.

    To get into the Chinese market, as a starting point, what should I get translated?

    As a minimum, you should consider getting a one-page summary translated about your company, your product or service and your business track record. You can then post the same page on your website. Then you can make bullet points to put into a presentation format.   For China, you need to make sure the Chinese characters used are simplified Chinese not traditional Chinese – traditional is only used in the territory of Hong Kong or in Taiwan.

    Translation & Interpretation Skills

    • General Translation
    • Business Translation
    • Technical Translation
    • Casual Interpretation
    • Financial  Translation
    • Legal Translation
    • Academic Translation
    • Meeting Interpretation
    • Simultaneous Interpretation