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For better engagement with China, we make those important introductions to help connect you with strategic partners, forging Government relationships, and enable access to influencers via China business events and webinars.


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We regularly provide events and webinars about latest chinese business updates, knowledge and best pratcices.
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Full business cycle support to help you better prepare for doing business with China, both at operational level and at strategic level.

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COVID-19 has significantly disrupted businesses, presenting unprecedented challenges to the global supply chain, and businesses across all sectors are having to rethink their international business model, especially if it includes China. provides the expertise to assist you through all your multilingual business needs during these challenging times, the local connections to continue cross-border collaborations, and funding opportunities from Chinese strategic partners.

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  • Supply Chain
  • China Entry
  • Legal & IP
  • Recruitment & HR
  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Translation
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  • Partner Engagement
  • Government Relationship
  • China Webinars & Events
  • Training & Advisory
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  • Crayfish Accelerator
  • Financing & Investors
  • Corporate Strategy Planning