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    Get £30 off all projects above £200. Simply contact us upon completion of the project, and we will refund you. 10th May to 10th June.

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    Business & Commercial

    •  Selling to China
    •  Operations & Admin
    •  IP Registration
    •  Logistics

    Why Crayfish?

    Better quality

    We carefully select the most suitable freelancers and experts for your project. We understand what you need to succeed in the Chinese market and are here to help.

    Cost effective

    You save money by cutting out the middleman and overheads. Our access to a wide network of Chinese freelancers and experts ensures your projects cost less.

    Fast turnaround

    We aim to get proposals to you within 48 hours –whether it’s for translation, copywriting or researching for important market information.

    Global talent

    You can access qualified Chinese speaking freelancers and experts in over 12 countries via and the list is expanding every day.

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