For over two decades, the Crayfish® team has helped hundreds of businesses and institutions with their more complex requirements.


For over two decades, the Crayfish® team has helped hundreds of businesses and institutions with their more complex requirements. 

Crayfish® offers services for complex work covering all aspects of doing business in China.

China may present different opportunities or challenges for you. You may be looking into new market segments, or you may have a specific legal or supply chain issue to solve. You may want to find a local partner or set up an office in China. Or if you are new to China, you may wish to develop a China strategy first, identify sales opportunities and build some awareness for your brand before deep diving into the market.

No matter what stage of development your business is in, Crayfish®’s holistic approach helps to ensure all elements are in place at the right time. Trusted by both public and private sectors, Crayfish®’s experience of facilitating the East with the West speaks for itself, with some of our services also covering East and parts of Southeast Asia.

Our expertise is predominantly with SME’s and fast-growing businesses across a range of sectors including Education, Manufacturing & Engineering, IT & Software, Life Science, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, and AgriTech, among others.

Market Entry

We help you to define an effective China strategy. Our market entry service will assess your opportunity and product-market fit in China, develop your route to market and roadmap through market research and analysis, and provide strategic planning led by industry experts.

Expansion & Growth

This service will help you to achieve profitable and sustainable growth in China working with a team of business development and sales professionals. The project starts with an in-depth industry analysis and business development planning, followed by on-the-ground execution on an ongoing basis.

Partner Relations

A key step to success when doing business with China is connecting with the right partners. We will assist you in developing the profile of a suitable partner, then conduct the search, identification, and verification of potential partners who will work with you to sell, manufacture, or operate in the Chinese market.


Building a multi-level communication and marketing strategy for the Chinese market requires research, planning, creativity, testing, and measurement. By investing in communications, your business will be able to successfully reach and develop your target audience in the Chinese market.



Dedicated expertise for complex or ongoing work enabling you to succeed in China


Unique collaboration model to protect, manage and monetise your IP in China


An extensive range of digital services covering all essential aspects of doing business in China