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    Get £30 off all projects above £200. Simply contact us upon completion of the project, and we will refund you. 10th May to 10th June.

    About Crayfish


    The China market presents unique challenges and can be fraught with a variety of difficulties. Companies wanting to trade with China have found it difficult to penetrate the market or sustain a presence when they get there; have floundered with the culture and have even lost opportunities over an incorrect translation.

    We know there is a REAL need for a single source of help for doing business in China that not only provides useful information, knowledge and insight, but also offers a mechanism to get Chinese projects done, quickly, affordably and to a good standard, no matter how small or how large and complex.

    Crayfish®  is the first online platform dedicated to accelerating the collaboration between Western and Chinese organisations by providing full-service business support in an innovative way.

    We offer an integrated solution from strategy to execution by leveraging our global network of Chinese speaking expertise. We help businesses access high-quality support with considerable cost savings and improve their efficiency in managing China-related projects.

    Based in the UK and China, the Crayfish team understands the difficulties that companies have encountered. We are here to help you. Our combined experience of over 50 years of carrying out Chinese transactions and projects as practitioners in China Business Solutions means we understand what is needed to succeed in China in an efficient way. Our successful track record as a team means you benefit from our unparalleled network of Chinese-speaking resources that can support businesses in the UK, Europe and America. Our understanding of Western businesses means we also know the quality of service you require.

    We know that your success comes from understanding Chinese, the culture in China and knowing the best business practices. Most importantly of all, your success comes from having the right people to do your Chinese jobs. is set to empower businesses to unlock their Chinese dreams.


    Our Story


    The Crayfish founders and team has a long history of working together as practitioners in doing business with and in China.

    The Management Team


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