In the News | "China: Is It A Good Time For Freelancers And SMEs To Target The World’s Fastest-Growing Market?" on The Freelancer Informer

Is it a good time for freelancers and SEMs to target China? and how?  Our CEO Ting Zhang talked to Freelancer Informer and shared her insights:


Why should SME businesses enter China?  

  • Mainland China is the only region globally to have grown by 45% this year to reach €44 billion, and the share of domestic purchases made reached 80-85% this year.  
  • Companies offering experience-based services such as food and drink could see faster #recovery than personal goods, but some experiences will lag if they rely on tourism.  


How can Western freelancers be successful in getting work from China-based clients?

  • Know what to expect when working with Chinese companies. Act fast, be accessible during China’s working hours, and learn how to use Wechat
  • Make sure to have an edge, such as offering client savings, solutions, or knowledge not available in China; Chinese companies are very cost-conscious.
  • Offer 'aspirational products’ that represents quality and status to compete with domestic service providers.


Read Ting’s full insights and many more tips:


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