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    What should the look be like for 700 million online users?


    What look will attract 700 million online users?

    With nearly 700 million online users, the Chinese market presents an enormous opportunity for any business looking to build its brand and attract a Chinese audience.

    But the Chinese market is notorious for its inaccessibility to those who are not equipped with local knowledge. Designs and platforms that dominate in China are markedly different to those that are familiar to marketers elsewhere. So your web designs, logo, graphics and even brochures need to be carefully adapted for China’s cultural and societal idiosyncrasies. One size does not fit all.

    At Crayfish, our pool of freelancers know what makes the ’look and feel’ of materials attractive to Chinese users, so they can help you and your business overcome these barriers and create an appealing presence. If you need a design for China, post your project now.

    Should we tailor our product design for the Chinese market?

    If China is a significant contributor to your overall sales and profitability and there is a strong cultural influence in your type of products, then it is worthwhile designing your products for the Chinese market. This includes everything, from your logo to your branding.

    Burberry and Gucci have a number of China-exclusive designs every year, and General Motor’s huge success with Buick in China over the past decade or so has proved the value of understanding the local customer and localisation of product design. This is true even in the entertainment industry, where Western blockbuster films have been made to be more appealing to the growing Chinese audience by toning down the ethnicity of the lead villain and adding four minutes of footage containing Chinese locations and Chinese actors!