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How can I protect my brand online?

Unfortunately for brand owners, many actors take advantage of popular brand names by using logos, names, or other attributes of a registered mark to sell subpar goods through various online channels. This activity will harm your brand and its reputation among consumers. Manually searching through the ever-expanding list of e-commerce websites and other channels where goods might be sold is a daunting task. This brand protection service helps in your online brand monitoring efforts by searching for potentially infringing products or unauthorized uses of your brand name or logo. We provide you with information about the seller, product, price, and other important factors that you may later use as evidence in court.

Scope of Work / Deliverables:

One-time search of one brand name across 150+ e-commerce websites, social media platforms, images or website contents with support from professionally trained attorneys. Search report with risk ranking, seller/profile information, link, screenshot, and other relevant information will be provided. Analysis of each report from a professional, experienced trademark lawyer can be arranged when and if needed. 

*Note: Analysis of the search report isn’t included and can be provided separately.



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Finding a counterfeit item is worrying, and almost inevitable for brand owners. It is also half the battle - what's next is preventing further sales and damage to your brand. This is where it is important to take your online brand protection strategy offline and entrust it to a professional lawyer who can assist in a variety of ways. A simple Cease & Desist Letter might be enough to stop a counterfeiter from selling more of your goods. More complicated cases may involve doing an investigation or even taking the Infringer to court. In all cases of fighting an instance of infringement, having an experienced, qualified lawyer is of utmost importance. Our online brand protection services seamlessly connect with our offline efforts to protect your brand.

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