Pre-shipment Inspection in China


  • Delivered within 1 working week
  • Full inspection of one shipment
  • Quality guaranteed




What can you do to ensure your products are qualified for shipping?

Pre-shipment inspection and quality control is an important part of supply chain management. It consists of a systematic procedure to determine whether the manufactured goods meet your requirements on quantity, quality, specifications and regulations. Inspecting products before it leaves the manufacturer’s premises is an effective way to assure quality and avoid supply chain disruptions further down the line.


This service is to inspect whether your order has been fulfilled successfully from the following aspects:

  • ● Order quantity
  • ● Packing and marking
  • ● Quality check according to agreed design and specifications
  • ● Detecting quality defects
  • ● On site function tests when necessary


How the project is delivered

  • 1. Purchase

    Click on “buy now” and proceed to the payment page. will hold the payment until the project is done to your satisfaction before releasing it to the service provider or agency who delivers your work, minus our commission.

  • 2. Work & delivery

    Once your payment is successful, one of our pre-selected delivery partners will be in touch with you within one working day to start your project and deliver the work back to you within the agreed timeframe.

  • 3. Quality guarantee

    All services purchased on this platform are guaranteed by The service will be delivered according to the scope described. If you are not happy with the quality of deliverables, please let us know and we will either help the project team improve the work, or refund your payment. Please refer to our Terms of Service for details.

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